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Is Snail Mail Marketing Dead or Alive?

Have you thought about trying traditional mail marketing? Does it even work?

Consumers are flooded by advertising with every turn. Our emails are jammed. We can’t watch tv or a video on YouTube without countless ads. Our social media “knows” what we are searching and is sending us ads based on our search history (freaky!). So you have to wonder, what is the best way to reach your targeted consumer?

The internet wooed Realtors with the promise of free contact to everyone with an email address and many jumped in. However, in order to be successful with email marketing you need a great email list, tailored content to the recipient while avoiding being irrelevant or spammy and you need to time your email messages to get the right balance of contact. But, if you are sending an email marketing message, how do you know if you are really being seen and heard?

Orange mailbox with flag up with a green, yellow and orange envelope coming out of the mailbox
Mailbox with letters coming out of the box

Let’s think about how you are handling your email account(s)! How many email addresses do you have? Personally, I have 4 email addresses. 2 business email accounts and 2 personal email accounts. One personal and one business account is for “junk” and I only check my junk email accounts about once per week. This is the way I have handled sorting my emails between what is important and what can wait. How do you handle the overwhelming number of emails we all receive? When someone asks for your email address, what email address do you share? When you are requesting an email address, what email address are you receiving?

Is there a better way to get your message in front of the right person?

Have you thought about good old fashioned snail mail?

The National Association of Realtors says, “Direct mail is a tried and true form of communication, but is it still successful in the digital age? All signs point to yes! After decades of too many emails and two years of digital only contact for many, including video call fatigue, a majority of people actually prefer receiving physical mail. If done correctly, direct mail is also highly targetable and affordable!” (


Tips for a Successful Snail Mail Marketing Campaign

Yellow lightbulb with Quick Tips in writing
Quick Tips with Lightbulb

1. Define your target audience. Consider demographics, location and interests.

2. Personalize the content of your mailer by including the recipients name and a personalized message

3. Use eye-catching design and visuals. Make sure the colors and fonts align with your brand and that your message is clear and concise.

4. Offer valuable content including market updates or home buying/selling tips to establish you as a knowledgeable resource.

5. Include a call to action! Make it easy for recipients to take the next step such as visiting your website, attending an open house or calling for a consultation.

6. Track and measure by implementing tracking mechanisms like unique phone numbers or custom promo codes or URL addresses.

7. Integrate with your online marketing by including a QR code, URL address or social media handles

8. Follow up

9. Test and refine by testing different formats, designs or offers to see what works best

Clay person in pose like he's thinking with a green question mark
Thinking Graphic

Things to Consider

When designing your mail campaign, think about what you receive in the mail. If you are like me, when you are going through the mail, do you stand over the garbage can and toss in junk mailer after junk mailer without even opening it? What do you think when you come across something different? Different shape, size, weight? Were you curious? How did you feel? Excited?

When was the last time you received a card or a handwritten note in the mail? How did it make you feel? Did you save it? Hang it on your refrigerator? When did you ever save an email, print it and hang it on your refrigerator? Or even print it and save it? Remember, it is so easy to scan your email and click to delete just from the subject line, but a personal note will most likely be kept.

If you are thinking its time to give snail mail marketing a shot, think about what your message will be.

A variety of postage stamps laying on top of each other
Postage Stamps

What to Mail?

1. Just Listed/Just Sold postcards to announce a new property listing or recently sold properties in the local area.

2. Neighborhood Market Updates can provide valuable information about the local real estate market. Include recent sales data, average price trends or any other relevant data. This will demonstrate your expertise in the local market.

3. Holiday/Seasonal Messages including a personalized message expressing gratitude for their support and wishing them well. This helps maintain relationships and keeps you top of mind.

4. Real Estate Newsletters will establish you as a trusted resource in the real estate industry. Include home improvement tips, community news and updates in the market.

5. Open House invitations sent to nearby residents can spark interest and create a sense of exclusivity.

6. This article by Inman highlights what direct mail methods have worked for some Realtors. Maybe some of these ideas may work for you!

Final Thoughts

Remember that consistency is key in mail marketing. Regularly sending mailers helps create familiarity and reinforces your presence. Aim to establish a consistent schedule with mailers. It often takes multiple touch points before someone remembers a brand or message. Most marketing efforts start to pay off after a 3rd mail drop. In some cases, customers need to see the same message 11 times before they decide to take action so don't feel discouraged if people don't engage after the first mailing!

Yellow post-it note with writing
Post-it Note

Consider sending a sequence of mailers with different messages or offers to maintain engagement. Utilize a variety of mailer types to keep your communication fresh and engaging. Mix postcards, letters and brochures to provide visual variety and capture the recipient’s attention. According to the American Marketing Association, a good rule of thumb is to deliver mail drops every 21 days. This pacing is enough to prevent mail overload while still keeping your prospective customers aware of you.

If you want to discuss a direct mail strategy for your business, give me a call! We can help implement your marketing plan with postcard marketing to either a radius, your database or customizing a database for your farm area!

Good luck with your marketing!


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